Out of Order 1st Edition

Out of Order 2nd Edition

Out of Order 2nd Edition

The photographs in Out of Order are a culmination of Molly Macindoe’s ten years’ work meticulously documenting the free party and teknival scene from her own refreshing perspective. Her pictures chronologically depict the journey of both a culture and an individual.

Controversial in its revisionist attitude, Macindoe’s work acts as a visual counterweight to the culture of voyeuristic sensationalism found in the mainstream media.  She chooses to portray a very personal narrative with a positive outlook.  Through the use of an insider’s perspective, the balance is redressed.  In the process she has produced a work that is more than just an art book, but is also a social documentary of significant historical and academic value.

The images contained within summon you into the party like a slow motion glitch in the mainframe; this is where you can smell the rave and feel the bass. Molly’s work annihilates the media’s lazy, generic stock image of the scene and successfully represents one of the most important movements of our time.” — A Raver’s Tribute